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If you've been invited to this page it's very likely that you're already using a product or service from Teknikforce. The offer that you see here is a privilege offer, available only to a few selected individuals from our entire customer base.

In the last few years we've helped tens of thousands of marketers reach the top of their niches with powerful tools for every segment of Internet Marketing.

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We released 13 new software and related products just last year and if someone was to buy them, they would need to invest over $1856 per year to get them all.

Our team is working non-stop creating and perfecting new products to capitalize on fresh opportunities in Internet marketing as they are created.

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As our privileged member you will be assigned a Service Relationship Manager and will receive priority attention and personalized service for all our products.

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We'll be your technology partners, not just your product vendor.


Get The Ultimate Set of Power Tools For Your Business Across Every Segment

PPC Marketing Tools

AdPlify Pro

Powerful Facebook Ad Suite

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)


Tubetarget Pro

Find perfectly targeted videos and channels for your YouTube ads.

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

Content Marketing Tools

AI Collective Pro

Create Content With Multiple AI Models

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

Webinar Marketing Tools

Webinarloop Pro

Powerful webinar marketing software.

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

Online Business Builders

ShopFunnels Pro

ShopFunnels is an outstanding eCom store builder that helps you exploits the profitable eCommerce business at a very reasonable investment.

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

CourseFunnels Pro

CourseFunnels is the breakthrough online platform that enables anyone to create and sell courses online easily.

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

CloudFunnels Pro

Powerful Funnel Builder you can host on any hosting.

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

Social Media Marketing Tools

Selli Pro

The powerful Selli Pro upgrade adds unlimited campaigns and other amazing features to SellitPics.

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

Pinflux2 Pro

Unlock Pinterest traffic with this powerful automation software.

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

Leads2List Pro

Leads2list captures leads from Facebook and sends them straight into your autoresponder.

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

Mighty Memes Pro

Mighty Memes Pro creates viral memes for any niche or keyword and posts on automation.

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

Video Marketing Tools

VidScribe AI

Redub & Subtitle your videos in local languages

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

Tuberank Jeet 4

Tuberank Jeet 4 is the latest and the most powerful version of Tuberank Jeet, the world’s most popular YouTube ranking software.

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

Tubetarget Pro

Get buyer traffic from YouTube with perfect video and channel placement ads.

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

Email Marketing Tools


High Performance, Lower Cost Email Newsletters, Powered by AI

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

PursueApp Pro

Powerful cold email outreach automation app

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)


Poweful self-hosted autoresponder with support for Gmail/Gsuite API & Uniquifier technology

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

Wordpress Plugings


WP GDPR fix is a Wordpress plugin that makes your website GDPR compliant in a flash.

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

SEO Tools

Postifluence Pro

Rank At The Top Of The SERPs & Drive Organic Traffic To Any Niche With The Only SEO Strategy That Still Works

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

Marketing AutoMation

Converti Pro

Conversion Boosters get you more conversions and profits from your sites

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)

Logii Pro

Multi Login and Anti Detect Browser

$164/Yr (Elite + Pro Upgrade)


Total Cost of Everything

$3,240 Every Year

This is what you'll have to pay to gain access to everything we have created till now.

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